Well, that wasn’t a good start to the day. Woke up to find my sweet horse out of her pasture and with severe colic. I called the vet immediately and Doc Carolyn was here just about immediately. (love her!) The horse was in extreme psyco pain and kept trying to rub on me. Reminded me of the sick toddlers who just want on mammas lap and think she’ll make it all better. Except this was scary as I didn’t want a 1200lb horse on my lap.

Carolyn gave her enough pain drugs to float a boat and I walked her around awhile until they started to work. Then the vet stuck a tube down into her stomach and dumped mineral oil and a bunch of warm water in her. She also gave her some drug to get her circulation going as the horse had really low blood pressure. Now I’m just waiting to see if she poops. If she rolled and twisted something it won’t be a good outcome. Praying for poop!

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